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It’s coming! It’s really coming! A new anime of Full Metal Panic is in the works! I’ve been waiting so long for this. 12 years have passed since the third season and now, finally, a new anime is coming. For me, this was the best show ever. Really liked it, since it had it all. Action, comedy, even a bit of romance. Too bad nothing on the site is clickable yet…

“Also, Full Metal begins.”

Or something along those lines. Below the teaser image showing (left to right) Chidori Kaname, Sagara Sousuke and Teletha Testarossa (nickname Tessa). In the background we see a mecha never seen in the anime before, the ARX-8 Laevatein. However, in the anime, the ARX-7 Arbalest was still intact… Just speculating, but I really hope this new anime continues where the previous season left off. Which means a lot of interesting stuff is going to happen… Can’t wait 🙂


Source: 「フルメタル・パニック!」スペシャルサイト