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Citrix: Export to network drive really slow

This is a copy of an original post made by me for my previous employer. It was written on January 9, 2013. The original link is here.

For a customers I was asked to troubleshoot an application that exports data to several file types, including Microsoft Excel’s XLS file type.


The client runs Citrix XenApp 5 on Windows Server 2003 (x86). All user homedrives are mapped to the H-drive.


The application lets you perform queries on your Oracle database, analyze and format the results and prepare those for presentation. When the application exports an XLS-file to the H-drive, it freezes for 5 minutes and then responds normally again. However, when the same application exports a TXT- or CSV-file to the same drive, it freezes for just a few seconds. Continue reading Citrix: Export to network drive really slow