Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP1 Sequencer error while saving package

This is a copy of an original post made by me for my previous employer. It was written on November 28, 2013. The original link is here.


For a customer we’re creating a Windows 7 environment, using App-V 5.0 SP1 for application virtualization. We installed an English Windows with a Dutch MUI pack. All client types are installed unattended, including the App-V sequencer. We experienced a problem with the App-V sequencer which was caused by the MUI language pack.


After the installation of the new sequencer everything seemed to work fine. That is until I made the first package on the machine. The moment I clicked Save, an error popped up saying that the MSI couldn’t be generated.

App-V Sequencer cannot generate MSI

This also resulted, as was to be expected, in an incomplete package folder. A report.xml and the MSI were missing.

Report.xml and the MSI are missing

As hinted by the error message, I looked in the Event Viewer. The log can be found in Applications and Services Logs / Microsoft / AppV / Sequencer.

Windows Event Log Sequencer Location

I opened the error with Event ID 5013 to view its details.

Windows Event Log, Source Sequencer, Event ID 5013

The error is, of course, in Dutch due to the Dutch MUI being installed through MDT. A part of the path couldn’t be found. I opened up Explorer and navigated to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization\Sequencer. Upon arrival I immediately noticed there was no EN-US folder, only a nl-nl folder.

The EN-US folder is missing


Knowing that the solution had to be in some sort of language setting, I decided to explore the language options of the appv_sequencer_setup.exe. This Technet article however shows that there no options to set the language while doing an unattended installation. The/LAYOUT parameter however caught my eye. “It also extracts the Windows Installer (.msi) and script files to a folder without installing App-V 5.0.” Interesting.

Having saved the setup file to C:\temp, I opened up a command prompt and entered

c:\temp\appv_sequencer_setup.exe /layout /layoutdir=”c:\extracted”


Of course they had to be somewhere and there they are; the language packs. Simply double clicking them would have been too easy though.

App-V Language Pack installation AcceptEULA

So I opened up a command prompt and, in my case, typed

C:\extracted\appv_sequencer_LP_XXXX_xBB.msi ACCEPTEULA=1

Replace XXXX with the language code (i.e.. enus) and BB for the OS bit version (32-bit=86, 64-bit=64) for the version you want to use. Pressing Enter resulted in the installation of the English 32-bit Language Pack.



After building a new package, or editing an old package, and choosing File / Save, the error no longer occurred. I checked the package folder and there I found a report.xml and a Test.msi available.